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Over the busy holiday season, the US-based insuranceQuotes conducted 18 tests on six different surfaces from three major US airports and airline flights to find out just what germs were lingering there.

The average screen at the kiosks had 253,857 CFU, according to the study, compared to an average of only 19,881 CFU on an airport water fountain button or 172 CFU on a household toilet seat.


Every day, more than 18 million pairs of hands are touching those surfaces in New York’s subway system, the largest in the nation.

Boston’s T, the United States’ fourth busiest mass transit system, sees 569,200 passengers on any given workday. Since each of those people has about 100 trillion microbes in and on their body, there’s ample opportunity for contamination.

Everyone from hospital workers to office janitors have been using UV light for years to help sterilize objects and surfaces. According to the FDA, a strong source of UV light reduces harmful germs and bacteria on surfaces and disinfect high-touch items.

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