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Many spaces in hotels — such the lobby, where credit cards are being exchanged and counters are being touched — are almost impossible to wipe down on your own. Through the Germ Reduction Program, it can be rid of 99.99% of the germs, continuously.


According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, one-in-six Americans get sick from consuming contaminated food or beverages every year. This isn’t surprising considering commercial kitchens can serve as a hot spot for germs and bacteria.

Regardless of whether the kitchen is in a high school cafeteria or a five-star hotel restaurant, ensuring your commercial kitchen is a clean and healthy environment should be a top priority.


Overall, the average hotel elevator button has 1,477 times more germs than the average household bathroom door handle.

Studies also discovered that five-star hotel elevator buttons have nearly seven times more germs than that of the average four-star hotel and nearly 1,000 times that of the average three-star hotel.


TV remote controls were found to be the most contaminated items in hotel rooms, according to a study.

Remote controls are used by nearly all the people that have ever stayed in that room. No matter how clean and hygienic your habits are, there’s no knowing what previous occupants were like, meaning the remotes could be crammed with bacteria.

What is particular about GRP radiation is that it is especially effective at disinfection. In specifics, the wavelength we utilize, 264, nm is incredibly impressive at killing germs, viruses and bacteria. GRP radiation can pass through air without creating ozone.

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