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Touch screens are another highly used item in stores that requires your hands—especially in the self-checkout.

Plus, a lot of the self-checkout station requires physical contact including where you bag your items, weigh your items, and touch the machine as you grab the receipt.

Card Machine

It's no surprise that credit card screens are one of the germiest spots in the grocery store as well. Just like with self-checkout screens, credit card screens are also an item used by numerous people in the store.

Gas Station

Clocking in at an eye-popping 2 million CFU of germs, the average gas pump handle was found to be 6,428 times dirtier than public elevator buttons and 11,835 times dirtier than a public toilet seat.

But dirtier still, the button for regular, unleaded gas takes the cake in this analysis with 3.2 million CFU, compared to the premium buttons with 2 million CFU.

UVC light kills germs like viruses and bacteria through damaging molecules like nucleic acids and proteins. This makes the germ incapable of performing the processes that it needs to survive.

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